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Linda+Oh = Low (?)

Hey everyone! My name is Linda Oh (or “Low” as everyone here calls me) and I am from Stafford, Virginia. I am a Freshmen studying biology in hopes to become a great dentist some day. I am so glad and honored to be able to spend my spring break week with this group and to serve the people of Baltimore. Serving people in need is something I love to do, want to do, and stir up a passion to do. I chose to spend my spring break this way because I didn’t want such an opportunity to just pass me by.  I always say “I want to help others” and I thought I should put my words into action this week.

I would like to share with you all my hopes and fears in this trip…

Hopes: From this trip I hope to gain a better understanding of poverty and to learn the things I could do to make a difference. I hope to build relationships and open up myself more to others. For the whole group, I hope that we all take something out of this trip and hold onto it as long as possible. Lastly, I hope to encourage others to have hope :]

Fears: My main fear is not being able to directly act out the plans in my mind. I tend to shy away at times or be stubborn with myself and have a “still” moment. I contemplate whether or not I should do certain things and throughout this trip I will try to stay open and keep engaging myself in all activities.

So….This trip is coming to an end now. This week was packed with work and fun. Working at Our Daily Bread and listening to the men of Christopher’s Place was very uplifting and honoring. When we got to our daily bread, most of us were expecting to serve people that “looked” homeless, but many of the clients that walked in looked/dressed like us and it made me realize that we are all the same and that you cannot judge someone just by their outward appearance. The hardest part of the time spent at daily bread was to throw away bags and bags of bread and left over foods. It really bothered me to see the large amounts of bread being thrown away and to think of all the hungry people out there, but it was necessary for the health and safety of the clients. On Tuesday night, we heard two men from Christopher’s Place share their stories. It was a very moving and definitely sparked more hope inside of me. I hope the best for all the people we came across this week and I hope our hearts to serve does not die out when we go back to school and our homes.


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