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It Could Be Oatmeal

Over the course of this journey through the entrails we as groups have faced many fears, adversities and questionable casseroles(that were actually really delicious/palatable). Yet the greatest inspiration we can pull from this trip is ” and I quote ” IT COULD BE OATMEAL” end quote”.  At Our Daily bread we had a great many experiences, sans the oatmeal that was partaken on the First day we were here.  We realized as we dove for the sugar and perused for the cinnamon complaining about the morning feast and what we could have at the Parish an epiphany crept upon us.  This was all the homeless had to eat, and then it dawned on me even though “I got chips”… “it could be oatmeal”.  So often we complain about the subtleties of life “It could be OATMEAL”.  When life gets you down just remember “It could be OATMEAL”.  When you order a double cream mocha latte, and there’s only a single portion of cream “It could be OATMEAL”.  When you partake in a Buck Double, and receive a Spicy Chick-N Crisp don’t complain “It could be OATMEAL. When you buy flowers at the corner that we stop at everyday and the girl doesn’t except them cause she says flowers die quick tell her “It could be OATMEAL”. When you find out the man you’re serving at Our Daily Bread has a forehead/eyeball fetish just think he could be eating “OATMEAL” off you forehead/eyeball.  So when the surprises of life weigh down on your heart and soul just remember even though you have chips. . . and  I quotate “It could be OATMEAL”

This reflection has been brought to you buy

Jemal Harris a.k.a. the Ghost Whisperer

Spenser Fleming a.k.a. the Lone Runner

and Isabel Portwine a.k.a. the “Girl Who Didn’t Want the Flowers at the corner of Mulberry & Calvert”


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