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Day Four

Happy 20th Birthday Isabel!!

We started the day off by going to Our Daily Bread, which was our only stop of the day. There was about twice as many volunteers willing to help than there were on Monday, which made it difficult to assign tasks. It was especially hard because there wasn’t as many guests dining as previous days. The volunteer coordinator explained that the first few days of the month were slower because of paychecks and state support checks come in the first of the month. Jemal and Linda  bread consultants, Leigh and Ebony were cleaners, Spenser and Kelsey filled water pitchers, Kristen and Martina filled tea cups and containers and Mackenzie helped in the serving line. Anita and Isabel handed tickets to the guests as they came in.  During the slow periods, a few of us and the other volunteers engaged in conversation and got to know each other on a deeper level.  Anita and Isabel had the opportunity to meet a young woman who shared her own personal story; she had left everything behind in Seattle to follow the voice of Jesus. Both of them had an eye opening spiritual encounter. After cleaning up and eating lunch , the group headed back to the parish to relax and figure out a plan for the rest of the day.

We decided to tour Baltimore. Our first stop was the World Trade Center at Baltimore and sightsee from the observation deck on the top level, however, it unfortunately was closed. 😦  We then tried to visit the Center of Marine Biotechnology for all the science majors, but that was also a bust. We eventually chose to drive around Little Italy and Fells Point which turned out to be successful, but cold. We had dinner at a local restaraunt called Jimmy’s which also turned out successful. After a quick drive back to the parish, we reflected and celebrated Isabel’s birthday with a very delicious birthday cake.

We only have one more day left, so hopefully it is just as enjoyable as today!


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