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Hi its Leigh

Hi everyone! My name is Leigh McNeil and I am a Freshmen and I am  from Haymarket, Va.  Our trip is winding down to an end as tomorrow will be our last day  of service 😦 (very sad). For this trip has really been an eye opener and has really made me realize the affects of homelessness. I chose to participate in the Reach Out program because I have always had a desire  to help serve  and become more aware of the homeless and how I can help in some way. I have learn a lot by going to the different organizations that the Chaoltic Charities has offered. I have really enjoyed the work I put in to each organization even when it was just cleaning out closests or reorganzing office space. Just these little things can be a huge change and can help reduce the burdens that the some might be feeling.  The group  has become so close and have been together for the whole week, with that comes a great comradship that we all share. I am so happy that I was giving the time to work with this group as we tackle these duties together and have formed a whole new relationship. For everyone put in so much effort, support, and selflessness that it has really shown in the work that has been  conquered throughout the week.  Reflecting back on the week, the days were hard and exhausting, but I do not regret my decision for replacing my spring break with the chance to help others. I am really appreicate for all that I have and I hope to keep this mentallity of serving others and being more selflessness throughout the years and to continue to volunteer and help with other projects similar to Reach Out.  (Side Note Hi Mom! tell everyone that I love and miss them and that I say HI!!)


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  1. McNeil Family said:

    Hey Leigh!!! We have been keeping up with the blog and have really enjoyed learning about what you have been up to this week. We are very proud of you and keep you in our thoughts. Glad you are having a good spring break even though we miss you! Hope to see you soon and have a safe trip back!

    Love from all of us…(bailey too)

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