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Day Two…

Hello faithful followers!

Today was a very busy day.  We started off the day with six of us going to Esperanza House and the other five of us went to My Sister’s Lodge. At the Esperanza Center we had the opportunity to hear all about what Catholic Charities is doing for the growing Hispanic population in Baltimore. They provide legal services to become a citizen of the U.S., health services for those without health care, and English as a second language classes that also coincide with classes about US Culture. Pretty nifty stuff! At My Sister’s Lodge, the group organized their food storage pantry (an entire basement!) including putting a date on everything. They also washed dishes and organized bathroom supplies and toiletries pantry. They then talked to the Director of the lodge for quite some time and had a very informative conversation.

We then went to Saint Vincent’s Villa, which is a home for abused/sexually harassed children to come for a few months to become rehabilitated and back to a healthy lifestyle.  After that we came back to the Parish and had tacos that Isabel, Mackenzie, and Mar’Tina cooked.  The best part of the day for all of us was going back to Christopher’s Place tonight.  We got the opportunity to listen to the two of the guys who are a part of the program tell us about there stories and also had the opportunity to meet the director of the place.  The stories the men told were SO inspiring. It’s amazing to see how committed these men are to change even at their age. One was in their forties and the other was 60, but they were both so determined to change their lives and start over.

Tomorrow should be an awesome day! The two groups from today are switching locations and going to Esperanza Center/My Sister’s Lodge and then we will be going to Sarah’s House later in the day! We will give details tomorrow!


Until then!


Kristen & Anita



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