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Hello everyone. My name is Mar’Tina Hampton and I’m from Virginia Beach, VA. I am a sophomore  at Christopher Newport University, (CNU). My reasons for going on this trip is because I have a big heart to help those in need and it just  saddens me to know that the poverty rate is increasing each day, reaching now 37 million (including men, women, and children).

My hopes while on this trip is to learn more about poverty and to really be thankful for all that I do have because some are in far worst situations then I’m in. Also, I hope while on this trip I can gain more knowledge about the needs of the less fortunate and what I can do back in my own community, so that when time is right I can begin a nonprofit organization for the less fortunate. My fears while on this trip is that I will put myself in the shoes of the less fortunate and get too emotional (because I’m very sensitive) just from seeing and hearing what they go through. My goal is to just build a relationship with the homeless or less fortunate and bring a smile to their faces to relieve them of some of the confusion and frustration they may encounter throughout their day.

Monday: This morning we went to serve meals to the less fortunate at “Our Daily Bread.” It was an exciting, sad, and yet funny experience. Laughing and joking with the employees, volunteers and the less fortunate made my day. I can say that a goal and hope of mines was achieved today and I hope that as I continue to serve on this trip eachday a goal and hope is accomplished. Later tonight we are going to be painting at Christopher Place Employment Academy, I know that will leave another great impact on our lives.  Be on the lookout throughout the week for more exciting blogs from the group.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi



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