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Sunday: Our Day In Baltimore!


I am Spenser Fleming and I am kind of the photographer for this week, so I will be posting more pictures throughout the week. This first picture is from the Dolphin Show we had the opportunity to see today at the Baltimore Aquarium.

We were able to sleep in today and a few of us even attended Mass. Upon the conclusion of Mass we hopped into the van and headed for the Aquarium. A majority of us had never been before and we were all excited to explore the underwater world. We grabbed some lunch before heading into the Aquarium where we headed straight for the Dolphin Show. The show was awesome! The dolphins displayed their prowess and elegance in the water, jumping twenty feet in the air or doing flips in front of the crowd. The show was non-stop and bursting with energy! A few lucky volunteers from the crowd were able to get up close and personal with the dolphins and many in the front rows were soaked by the dolphins.  After the show we headed to our 4-D movie experience, Planet Earth, and by 4-D it meant we were going to be surprised again and again. Throughout the movie we were sprayed with mist, wind, and bubbles; O and also this fiendish thing in the back of the chair that jabbs you in the back…many of us were not too fond of that application. The movie was short but we all had fun. The next two hours were spent exploring exhibition after exhibition of sealife. We conluded our trip to the Aquarium by listening to a few fudgery bakers who sung loud and to their hearts content.

Dinner time. Tonight was a Spaghetti night! Jamal, Leigh, and Ebony assisted by our leaders Anita and kelsey made the group a magnificent meal. A full salad bowl, some garlic bread, and enough spaghetti to feed a small army. After dinner we met up with the other volunteer group from Michigan state and made some new friends. We will most likely run into them again later in the week and look forward to it. That just about concludes our Sunday and what a great day it was! New posts should be up daily along with some pics from the day.



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