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Roles Duties!

Here are the roles/duties we discussed in our meeting and what committees they fall under!

Photographer (Everyone!): Responsible for documenting the trip and saving the photos to a CD or emailing the photos to everyone following the trip. The photos taken will be used in a document that will be sent to the President to highlight the trip as well as in a reflective slideshow. Photos will also be posted to this blog!

First Aid (Logistics): Responsible for keeping track of the first aid kit and ensuring that it is always in the vand and at the work site.

Chef  (Everyone!): Responsible for planning affordable meals for the week. Examples: Tacos, pasta, pizzas (reference Kelsey’s blog post below). Everyone will be teaming up to be the “chefs for the night”, we can nail down that schedule once we get our site schedule.

Grocery Shopper (Fundraising!): The grocery shopper must collaborate with the chef and they are responsible for creating shopping lists, having the list approved by Kelsey & I and stick to the list/budget while shopping. Once the meals for the week have been chosen we can then make a shopping list for each day!

Journalist (Reflection): Responsible for the daily account of our trip on this blog to highlight the service we provide and the learning we engage in.

Van Packer (Logistics): Responsible for reminding people to pack light and for packing on necessary items into the 12 passenger van. We may need to meet a little earlier to make sure we have the van packed in time for our departure.

Reflective Guides (Reflection): Responsible for helping to create and implement reflective activities for the evening. Reflective activities usually willl ast 30-45 minutes and they serve an educational purpose for the trip. Reflection is also a great way for trip members to bond! Who is excited for some games of Signs?!

Travel Agent (A Day in Baltimore): Responsible for finding local things to do in Baltimore, MD!

Get excited!!

18 days!





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