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Foremast Lane (courtesy of Lasvegassun)

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone had an awesome winter break and all your classes are going well. I wanted to share with you an experience I had while I was in Las Vegas visiting over break. On Christmas morning my family and I made about 100 bagged meals for the homeless of Las Vegas. The brown bags  consisted of  a turkey sandwich, a granola bar, and a choice between soda or bottled water, this cost about $45.00. So frequently, we spend money on items we do not need but merely want. We rarely think about how that money could have been donated to a cause more significant than our materialistic fickleness.  But to continue on, when we drove onto Foremaster Lane about 10 minutes from the famous Las Vegas strip I was stunned. I had never seen so many homeless men and women on one street before. Some peered at the car with distrust, however, others seemed to hold hope that perhaps this car held  food or at least a drink that may be shared with them. We parked the car and announced that we had sandwiches and drinks for all those that were hungry. A mass of people rushed over to the car and waited to be given a brown paper bag; murmurs of “Merry Christmas” and “God bless you” were heard as the men and women grabbed the bags and settled back onto the street. I could not help noticing how normal in appearance these individuals were. If I were to pass one of these people on the street, I would have never thought that they were homeless. It shows how quick we are to relate the homeless with rags and uncleanliness , although this may not always be the case.

The homeless of Foremaster Lane have been on my mind a bunch. I think because our trip to Baltimore is about to approach in a month. I think about those men and women waiting on the sidewalk. I wonder what each is waiting for: food, medicine, shelter, money or perhaps simply a second-chance at life…


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